After Vaginal Birth + perineal tear/episiotomy

Your 8-week day-by-day guide to recovery

Are you ready to restore your body after pregnancy & birth?

Ready to prevent pain, prolapse & ab separation?!

Ready to learn how you can safely get back to the gym, running & pilates or classes?

Are you keen to get back into exercise but not sure where to start?

Are you struggling to find time or motivation to do your kegels or the exercises your physio told you to do?

Are your shoulders and back sore from breastfeeding and hours of nursing bub to sleep!

Do you miss regular exercise?

I understand the HUGE gap in support & guidance for mamas between being discharged from hospital and getting back into exercise!

As a Women’s Health Physio, I also understand that new mums are NOT very compliant with their kegels which is why I created Restore Your Core: an 8-week program for postpartum mamas to safely regain strength before returning to exercise!

After years of working with postpartum mamas, I have designed this course to ensure it is fun & achievable for ALL new mums! Set up within an app on your phone, with daily reminders, short 10-minute classes & exercises for you to do while feeding & nappy changing so there is NO excuses!

For only $299 you will receive:

8-weeks of pilates & yoga classes

Womens health retreat Her. Womens Health

pelvic floor exercises

Post-Natal Physiotherapy, Yoga, Pilates and barre

all of your equipment plus a 1-on-1 session

to ensure the program is tailored to you, your birth & your stage of recovery!

Private health rebates are available!

Course can be started anytime beyond 3-weeks postpartum