Supporting The Core & Pelvic Floor

Thursday 28th September

Coastlife Families – The building behind Coastlife Midwifery
2/22 Beach Rd Maroochydore (Parking next to The Yard Coffee shop on

Cost $175 Catering included


  • Learn about the causes of SPD and pelvic pain in pregnancy as well as evidence-based recommendations for management of pain
  • Learn about the role of antenatal pelvic floor assessment as well as common subjective cues into pelvic floor health
  • Understand the impact of the pelvic floor in foetal positioning and second stage of labour
  • Learn about perineal massage 


  • Learn how to teach women to reconnect with their pelvic floors early after birth
  • Learn proper assessment of abdominal separation 
  • Understand how to reduce risk of pelvic organ prolapse postpartum 
  • Understand the evidence for prevention and management of abdominal separation

**Midwives working in on call roles are permitted to reserve their spot without full payment until the day – please contact me via email to arrange this