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Learn how to support & prepare your mind, core & pelvic floor for pregnancy, birth & beyond!

Access short pilates & yoga classes, education & pelvic floor exercises customised for you through our app.

Find time, eliminate fears & feel confident moving your body for a healthy, pain-free pregnancy! Plus learn tools to reduce labour pain, minimise your risk of tearing & optimise your chances of a natural birth & smooth recovery!

Physiotherapy Consultations - Online OR In-person

Initial Pregnancy Consultation


Support Your mind, CorE & pelvic floor

The ultimate support for a healthy pregnancy & holistic birth preparation

Feel strong & confident moving your pregnant body!

Support is an innovative app-based program that provides education and short exercise classes to help Pregnant women stay healthy and active, eliminate pain and prepare their body for birth.  Unlike most online programs this course is tailored specifically to each individual by an expert Women’s Health Physio

Here’s what you can expect:

Personalised, affordable, and easy to complete, Support is the perfect program for pregnant women!

Pilates & Yoga Video Library Only

$ 59
  • Online library of Prenatal Pilates & Yoga Classes
  • 6 months access
  • Perfect option if you have already seen a Pelvic Floor Physio
  • 20 Short Exercise Videos perfect for any stage of Pregnancy
  • No equipment included

Support App-Based Program

$ 149
  • 8-week App-based Pregnancy Pilates & Yoga Program
  • Classes tailored for your trimester of pregnancy and modified for pelvic girdle or back pain
  • Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises
  • Educational videos
  • Breath techniques and meditations
  • Direct message access to a Women's Health Physio
  • 6 months access to an additional library of pregnancy pilates and yoga classes
  • Includes a Pilates Equipment Pack with resistance bands, booty bands, a slider, pilates ball and a trigger ball

Support with
Initial Assessment

$ 199
  • A 1-hour Initial Physiotherapy Consultation
  • Pelvic floor assessment
  • Includes everything from the Support App Based Program
  • Private Health & Medicare Rebates Available For Australian Clients
  • Includes your Pilates Equipment Pack

What our mamas have said:


You can choose when the program starts and it can be started from as early as the first trimester. There are classes designed for all trimesters!

After signing up you will be redirected to a form that allows you to select your program start date as well as how far along you are in pregnancy and whether you have any pain or discomfort.

I know that life sometimes gets in the way of great intentions which is why the classes are only 10-minutes and if you miss a day or a few days you can always go back and complete them!

On completion of the 8-week program you will get 6-months access to all of the classes as well as an additional library of prenatal pilates workouts and yoga classes!

Then this is the perfect course for you! We have a selection of yoga and pilates classes that are specifically designed for women with pelvic girdle and back pain. It would be more beneficial for you to purchase the Ultimate Package so that you can also receive expert advice from a Pelvic Floor Physio and ensure the program is designed specifically for you!

Yes! If you are Australian and have private health insurance you can receive a rebate on the Support program with Initial Assessment.

You won’t need any extra equipment! You will receive a carefully selected pilates equipment pack to ensure variety and gradual resistance is added to your workouts! Your equipment pack includes: Resistance Bands, Booty Bands, Sliders, Pilates Ball and a Trigger Ball!

The classes are only 10-15 minutes and are designed to be easy to complete each day!