FREE Postpartum Telehealth Call!

HEY MAMA! Congratulations on the birth of your baby! 

Whether you have had a c-section, vaginal delivery or perineal tears, feel safe in the hands of a professional women’s health physiotherapist!

Book your FREE 15-minute Telehealth Check In – To discuss your birth and get you started with pelvic floor strengthening, you will also receive a specific program with postpartum yoga and pilates classes that you can do with bub or in nap time! 

We understand that not all birth stories look the same and we are here to connect with you and your story, empower you with knowledge and inspire you to restore your overall strength & wellbeing as you venture into motherhood!

You can start this process as early as 3-4 weeks Postpartum and it’s also never too late to start your recovery process!