Part 1: My Pregnancy Journey

In this episode of Things They Don’t Tell Her Podcast I am sharing insights from my own Pregnancy Journey. In this convo, we dive into the ways I have been supporting my own mental and physical health throughout pregnancy, practitioners that I have been seeing, the model of care I have chosen and loads of recommendations for books, podcasts, local studios and so much more. 

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Things I did to help with my pregnancy nausea

  • Saw Grace from Bloom Chinese Medicine for acupuncture and leave in acupuncture needles
  • Tried to reduce/minimise stress through gentle yoga and meditation
    • I loved going to Yin and gentle yoga classes and doing my own home practice
  • Drank loads of Morning Lift Tea by Nurtur Tea which has ginger, peppermint and rooibos which are great for nausea and fatigue. I would brew this, put it in the fridge and have iced tea instead of plain water.
  • Tried to balance my carbohydrate intake with protein and fats.
  • Saw my amazing naturopath Tahlita

Here are a few great blogs for more tips for pregnancy nausea

Things I have been doing for my physical health

In my first trimester, between the lack of energy and the nausea I focused on small bouts of movement that made me feel good. I went for short walks, swam at the beach and surfed. I did short at home yoga flows and occasionally found the energy to attend a yoga or pilates class which I booked through Class Pass and therefore didn’t have the commitment of a membership.

Since moving into my second trimester, I have been enjoying Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates Classes, Pilates Reformer as well as swimming laps at the pool. I have found that the muscles around my pelvis, particularly my glutes and hip flexors feel a lot tighter so I have started using a foam roller and trigger ball regularly. 

Forms of exercise I have been enjoying include:

  • Attending Pregnancy Yoga and Mat Pilates Classes with Natural Birth Co. 
  • Doing my own home yoga practice – there are loads of great Youtube videos and all of my clients receive short 10-minute yoga videos as part of their program
  • Going to Yoga and Pilates classes on Class Pass 
    • Watch this video on ways I am modifying my yoga practice in the second trimester 
  • Doing a weekly Pregnancy Reformer Pilates class at CGM Pilates or my own home reformer classes
    • Watch this video on ways I am modifying my Pilates Reformer Practice in the second trimester 
    • The reformer studios on the Sunshine Coast that I am aware have the pregnancy wedge and are good at modifying for pregnancy (this depends a lot of the instructor) include:
      • CGM Pilates 
      • Inflow Pilates
      • Morning Light Studios 
      • Pointe Pilates

Things I have been doing for my mental health 

  • Listening to meditations on Insight Timer which is an AMAZING app for short meditations.
  • Listening to the audiobook Nine Golden Months by Heng Ou on Audible. This is a great book on the journey of pregnancy! 
  • Journalling 

Model of Care

This is a great blog on the pregnancy birth models of care available on the Sunshine Coast written by Emmy, another incredible acupuncturist from Bloom Chinese Medicine.

The private midwifery practice that I am going through is called Coastlife Midwifery

I have been having my pregnancy scans at The Radiology Clinic which is the only radiology clinic on the Sunshine Coast that bulk bills Obstetric scans.

Nutrition and Supplements 

This is a great blog by Renee Jennings, a Prenatal Dietician on tips for choosing a Prenatal Supplement. She has published a book called Nurture The Seed which I highly recommend reading during Pregnancy. Another great book is called Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols.

Prenatal supplements that I have been recommended by my naturopath include 

Eagle Tresos Natal and Naturobest (they have a specific 1st trimester one with ginger to help with nausea).

I have had blood tests done with my midwife in the first and second trimester and my naturopath has recommended specific supplements based on my blood test results. I had low iron and haemoglobin in my most recent blood test so I have started taking Hemagenics Iron Advanced which is an iron bisglycinate supplement with B vitamins every second day as well as beef liver capsules. Check out this blog that shares the results of a recent study comparing the use of iron bisglycinate and iron sulphate (the form of iron used in Ferrograd-C) in pregnant women with low iron. Results found the bisglycinate form was more effective in increasing haemoglobin levels and replenishing iron stores, with significantly fewer side effects. 

Here are some great podcast recommendations on Food Recommendations for Pregnancy:

Pelvic Floor Health 

If you haven’t already seen me for a Pelvic Floor Consultation I would highly recommend having your Pelvic Floor assessed during your pregnancy and starting a personalised program to optimise your pelvic floor. You can book online here. 

If you have issues with constipation in Pregnancy or Postpartum or are someone who struggles with constipation, I cannot recommend a foot stool highly enough – this brand while expensive is such an investment for your life long bowel health and can significantly reduce your risk of prolapse if you do struggle with constipation and straining! 

Here are some other recommendations for local practitioners, pregnancy classes, private midwives etc. 





Private Midwives

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Pilates 

Noosa Pilates Class

Listen to the full episode here: Spotify and iTunes

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